Your path to achieving emotional wellness starts here.

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Your path to achieving emotional wellness starts here.

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How We Help

Assessments & Evaluations

Brief Memory Check-Up

Brief Memory Check-Ups are annual assessments of your or your loved one's memory to proactively detect risk.

What to Expect: Your assigned clinician will administer a brief assessment to evaluate your memory and identify any potential challenges associated with memory loss. Following the check-up you, your designated family member, and your primary care physician will receive your results and any recommendations to maintain brain health and treat underlying conditions.

Family Feedback Session

Family Feedback Sessions allow designated family members to review results and recommendations following MediTely™ assessments.

What to Expect: Following a diagnostic interview, memory checkup, or cognitive assessment your loved one's clinician will schedule a video session with designated family members to discuss assessment results. During this visit you will learn about your loved one's diagnosis, receive advice on how to best support and help as your loved one ages, and have time to ask any questions you may have.

Cognitive Assessment

If you or your loved one's Brief Memory Check-Up indicates that you are experiencing memory challenges, a MediTely™ clinician will provide a Cognitive Assessment to further develop a care plan unique to you or your loved one's health needs.

What to Expect: Memory screenings involve brief computer based tests that evaluate memory, processing speed, language, and problem solving and help diagnose and guide treatment for neurocognitive conditions. If necessary, your clinician may refer you to MediTely's™ Medication Management services.

Preventive Screening for Depression and Anxiety

Preventative Screenings are a proactive measure taken to minimize your or your loved one's risk of feeling depressed and anxious during later life challenges.

What to Expect: Your clinician may ask you or your loved one to complete a brief digital screening so they can better understand how you are feeling and any symptoms that you may be experiencing.

Trauma Assessment

In the United States, 70% of adults have experienced at least one traumatic event in their lifetime. MediTely™ Trauma Assessments offer specialized care to help individuals cope with traumatic events and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

What to Expect: One of our trauma specialists will conduct a Trauma Assessment to understand you our your loved one's traumatic experience, its potential implications, and identify signs of PTSD that require further treatment.

Counseling Services

Wellness Assessment

Wellness Assessments help MediTely™ clinicians learn more about you or your loved one and your overall health goals.

What to Expect: During the initial visit, one of our clinical team members will talk with you to learn more about your social, medical, and health history. This conversation will form a baseline for you our your loved one's health plan and goals.

Counseling Sessions

Counseling sessions are regular visits with your counselor aimed at discussing, exploring, and meeting your or your loved one's health goals.

What to Expect: Every week or twice a month, you will meet with your counselor to make progress towards achieving your health goals. Your counselor will work closely with you our your loved one to overcome troublesome symptoms, including depression and anxiety, with the overarching goal of enhancing self-esteem and feelings of vitality.

Marital & Family Counseling

Marital and Family Counseling identifies conflicts that prevent meaningful relationships from forming with your loved ones. Learn skills to increase problem solving, relieve stress, and promote actionable conflict management mechanisms.

What to Expect: You and your loved ones will work through conflict areas unique to your relationships through guided conversations with a MediTely™ counselor. These sessions will help promote healthy interactions between your family and/or your spouse to ease tensions and promote stress-free living.

Brief Check-In

Brief Check-Ins allow you or your loved one to meet with your counselor in between longer scheduled visits when you need non-emergent immediate support.

What to Expect: Connect with your provider at your convenience via video session, chat, or phone. Reach out to our care coordination team to schedule a Brief Check-In.

Medication Management Services

Medication Evaluation

Medication Evaluations are two-part assessments that promote safe and effective use of psychotropic medication only where necessary. MediTely™ clinicians work closely with older adults' Primary Care Physicians to ensure that you or your loved one receive individualized care unique to their needs.

What to Expect: You or your loved one will meet with a practitioner to discuss your medical and mental health history. Our clinical team will use this information to formulate a treatment plan based on whether medication is a right fit for your needs.

Medication Follow-Up Visit

Medication Follow-Ups ensure that you or your loved one's treatment plan aligns with your medication and overall health needs as you continue to receive care.

What to Expect: After your Medication Evaluation, you or your loved one will have scheduled periodic follow-up sessions to review current medications and make any necessary adjustments.

Annual Medication Check-Up

Annual Medication Check-Ups go hand-in-hand with your or your loved one's yearly physical to provide an in-depth review of physical health, treatment effectiveness, and to identify any necessary changes.

What to Expect: You or your loved one's clinical team will review your health and medication records for the entire year to evaluate how effective the plan was in meeting your health goals and improving wellness. Per request, MediTely™ will share a treatment summary with your or your loved one's PCP.

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